July Game

July 14-16
YMCA – Camp Santa Maria

BGE Form – Due July 23rd
Feedback Form

Normal registration ends 7/7
(Any registrations done after this date will have a $10 late fee)
Registration Guide
Character Builder 3.3
Service Point Tracking
Logistic Check Sheet
Site Guild

Cabin Assignments

Saturday Lunch

Address: 51321 US Hwy 285, Grant, CO 80448
Time onsite: 4:00 pm Friday (No one is allowed onsite before this.)
Game on: 9:00pm Friday
Game off: 10:30-11:00 Sunday
Time offsite: 1:00 pm Sunday (Everyone needs to be cleaned up and offsite by then.)

Campaign XP Max : 32 (level 5)
Campaign XP Floor : 16 (level 3)
Event CP Max: 4
Event CP Floor: 2
Bonus CP Max: 3
Minimum for any character: Level 3 with 9 CP + 2 CP for a backstory + up to 5 CP gained from flaws + up to 3 special bonus CP
Event CP Explained