For October

Most of these are meals put on by players for this month.

Friday Dinner!!
I will be stopping at Papa Murphy’s Pizza on the way up to site, and picking up pizzas. They’ll start becoming available as soon as I can get up there and settled- hopefully between 6:30-7, and I’ll keep cooking them as I go. If you’d like to be in on pizza, please reply in this thread with toppings you cannot eat and a preference between Thin Crust & Stuffed pizza. Requested Donation is $5 (paypal: dwinterh[the at sign], but please don’t go hungry or leave me with crazy leftovers. Pizza order closes Friday at 10am.
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Saturday and Sunday Lunch!!
Hey all, October we have TWO lunches! We’re going to do Bacon Mac n’ Cheese on Saturday, and Mooney Tacos on Sunday. I have spots on the form where you can sign up for one or both. Suggested donation is $10 per meal.
Mooney Lunches Sign-up Form

Saturday Dinner!!
Deadline for ordering this is 10:00 PM Wednesday 9/27!
Payment can be made later, but the October Meal Form needs to be filled out by then.
Here is a list of people who they have signed up for the meal so far: October Meal Responses

Hi All, We have gotten our survey complete for the meals! We will be supporting all of the main course meals and 3 of the Side dishes. What we need any is everyone attending to fill out a Meal form October Meal Form. This will need to be completed by Thursday at the latest! So please Tell your friends that are coming. Also we have put up the meal tickets on the website. Buy October Dinner If you cannot pay ahead of time but you answer the Survey you will be served! So Please get the word out we do need this back quickly! Thank you, Eric

October Meal Form
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