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Today we wanted to share a preview of our advanced classes. These are still in beta so we expect quite a few changes to happen to them, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to look at them to get an idea where we are headed.
You can find the advanced classes on our website under the rules and tools (very bottom) – Beta Rules

To give you an idea of our timeline, we plan on having multiple playtests over the next month and a half. On 3/31, we hope to have most of our editing, balancing and playtesting finished.

With the introduction of our CMA, we are allowing all of our players one free complete rewrite over this winter. More details on this rewrite and the CMA will be forthcoming, but our plan is to have players lock in their characters by 4/5/24. That will allow enough time for logistics to prepare for the first Denver game.

Right now, all of our advanced classes are available to take after 10 levels of base classes. That gives the player base a target date of July before they can take their first level of their advanced class. We urge everyone to look over the advanced classes, perhaps plan ahead a bit when they are considering their rewrites so that they have the prerequisites needed to take those ACs.

If you have questions or comments about the advanced classes, we urge you to reach out to your @Player Representative , or to post in the ⁠rules-discussion channel.
Thanks all!

The Destruction of the Stormseal

Election Results:
The Results Have Been Tallied. The Crowne Point Town Council for the Year of 524 is as follows:
Grigori Oaksbane
Lady Phaedra
Luke Trigustus
Uncle Oscar Gideon of the Brassics
Halinor Horg

CMA Open Beta Public testing for the CMA (Character Management App) is now open. For instructions, known issues, and how to report issues: CMA Open Beta Testing Just take me to the thing: Beta CMA Please note that these have an SP rate per dollar AND a cap- you do not have to spend the maximum dollars to reach the cap, but please bear in mind that the cap considers both time spent AND money spent. If you’re aiming for the cap, try to balance your time and expenditure so you don’t end up feeling underpaid! If you’re not sure if something will reach the cap, feel free to shoot over a picture of it. If you feel like you’ve got an amazing opportunity to snatch up something really special for NPC camp that’s worth MORE than the cap, reach out with that too. This is a GREAT way to get some SP for breed reps you didn’t end up using, the set of horns that didn’t end up working with your concept, etc. We really don’t want you to go out and buy super expensive pieces, but we would love for our creative community to help us make NPC camp shine! Post-halloween sales will be a great opportunity to pick up some discounted wigs, but please do consider genre; nobody’s game immersion will be improved by a rainbow of mullets.

Staff Contact form

New Player Guide

Hi all! Pointing to a couple things! First and foremost, here’s a reminder of our open staff positions: Second, we’re opening up submissions for the town’s colors + crest and awarding 5 SP / submission + 15 SP for the winner. More information can be found at ⁠crowne-point-noticeboard on Discord.

Jeff has made a great XP/CP calculator: XP/CP Calculator

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Cheat Sheet

(updated on 10/3/2023)

Next Game: Next Spring

Campaign XP Max : 68 (level 8)
Campaign XP Floor : 34 (level 5)

Event CP Max: 8
Event CP Floor: 4
Bonus CP Max: 6
Event CP Defined

Character Builder 3.3
XP/CP Calculator

Minimum for any character new and old:
Level 5 with 15 CP + 2 CP for a backstory + up to 5 CP gained from flaws
Players can also get up to 6 Bonus CP gained from GoFundMe, Granted by Staff, or travel over the Event CP Maximum or other promotions made available to the players.

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The Prologue

Our first event is only a month away, and we’re excited to share some information and details with you!

Event Details!

Arcanorum Campaign Opener – March 17-19, 2023

Location: Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village – Site Directions: Web | Address: 2644 Alvarado Rd, Empire, CO 80438

Payment: We have both cabins and camping options, with a discount for camping – both options are available over in the Shop. Please remember to include the annual Membership ($1) as well, as it is necessary to keep our membership covered in case of accident as well as retain our non-profit status!

Minors Policy: Please review the Minors Policy if any attendee is under the age of 18, as there are are specific rules and Guardian Consent is required (by form) for each Minor.

Summary: This Event is the Campaign opener, and as such we’ll be having plenty of support on hand and available to help navigate both the setting and the system! This is a Full Game(!) and will be awarding XP & CP to all attending characters!

Setting: The Prologue takes place in Crowne Point two years prior to the start of the Campaign proper, as several national interested attempt to exert overt influence upon the town and it’s future direction. This pressure comes from multiple angles, and it is up to the character’s present to determine which of these factions are allies and which are.. not so much – so come on out and set the stage for the campaign!

Event Pace: Friday Night we will be having a Soft Layon, as we work through Logistics, GoFundMe awards, and ensuring that the attendees all have the support necessary to play their characters. We have some content planned for after 9PM Friday to allow players to acquaint themselves with their characters mechanics, and provide a lead up to the festivities on Saturday.

Saturday will consist entirely of 100% in-game time, with a whirlwind of content: social, political, and combat – be prepared to be active and engaged all day, as the future of Crowne Point rests on the decisions made.

Sunday will see a more soft Layoff than usual, as we round out the event with a postscript of Saturday’s events, and go over in-detail the closing out of the site. Easter Seals has been exceedingly gracious to us, and we want to ensure we reciprocate that.