Tempest is a Light Touch Boffer Combat System designed for weekend-long Larp games, with a focus on five-year continuous campaigns. This massive body of work is built upon and licensed from the Geas 5 System, without whose dedication and support this game would not have been possible.

Colorado – Arcanorum


Mark Copeland-Rodden
Eric Steinkamp


Ian Moriaty (Head of Plot)
Dan Begnoche
Doug Dexter
Paul Mosher Sr.
Ryan Mosher
Darrin Myers
Eric Steinkamp

NPC Coordinator



Trace Moriarty (Material Logistics)
Brandon Mintken (Character Logistics)


Ken Moriarty

Kansas – Grimoire

Dan Armstrong
Nickolas Reimer
Alex McAnerney
Elizabeth Guderjahn
John Bond

Joint Rules

Rules Committee

Aerianna (Head of Rules)
John Siadak (Head of Rules)
Alex McAnerney
Dan Armstrong
Eric Steinkamp
Ian Moriaty
Nickolas Reimer

Beta Testers

Joe Soloway
Joshua Adlesperger
Andrea “Gabbie” Gibson
Nissa Osheim
Glendon Dixon
Matthew Mayer
Aerianna Hass-Syvertsen
Ben Nelson

Special Thanks

Briannon Moriarty
Trace Moriarty
Will Haddon
Mike Paxton

And the dozens of community members past and present, family members, and friends, whose blood, sweat, and tears grace every page herein. Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, and pushing us to make the best game we possibly can.

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